New GigCitylocations coming soon

GigCity is expanding into new parts of Adelaide, giving other precincts access to our network and providing limitless possibilities for even more businesses.

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A bold newvision forSouth Australia

GigCity Adelaide to put South Australia at the forefront of technological research, innovation and creative development.

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AdelaideAustralia'sFirst GigCity

GigCity Adelaide connects businesses within Adelaide's Innovation Precincts with extremely fast broadband speeds of up to 100x the national average.

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GigCity Adelaide is providing fast and affordable gigabit internet for start-ups, entrepreneurs and big businesses.

The new network will connect key innovation precincts and co-working spaces across Adelaide with affordable gigabit-speed internet that is 100-times faster than the national average.

Access to affordable high-speed internet can help businesses develop new ideas, products and services that deliver real solutions for the community and our future.

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GigCity Adelaide harnesses the power of ideas.

It will create a living and breathing test bed for entrepreneurs to thrive and develop ideas for our people, our culture and our future.

Adelaide is yielding a new economy to create the skills and jobs of tomorrow – all with the power of the Internet.

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