GigCity Adelaide

What is GigCity Adelaide?

Adelaide is Australia’s first and only GigCity.

Working with the South Australian Research and Education Broadband Network (SABRENet), GigCity Adelaide will offer affordable high-speed internet across innovation precincts in Adelaide to help entrepreneurs and start-ups develop leading-edge ideas, products and services.

Offering internet speeds of up to 10-giga-bits-per-second, GigCity Adelaide opens the door to new collaborations and opportunities to develop high tech applications – from image processing and simulation, to big data analytics and cloud computing.

With ultra-fast internet, Adelaide will become the most connected place in the Southern Hemisphere. It also strengthens our claim as Australia’s first Smart City and Cisco’s only ‘Lighthouse City’ in Australia.

How much does it cost?

A major hurdle for start-ups and entrepreneurs is access to affordable high-speed internet connections.

To encourage uptake and usage, the South Australian Government will contribute to the operational costs to help start-ups and entrepreneurs access ultra-fast internet over the next four years.

Access to ultra-fast internet will encourage innovative businesses to explore new thinking, share ideas and develop solutions to our society’s problems – all from a vibrant, creative and affordable city.

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