28 June 2017

GigCity Adelaide provider to deliver affordable, ultra-high speed internet

South Australian businesses are now one step closer to accessing fast and affordable high-speed internet with the State Government appointing EscapeNet to deliver the $7.6 million GigCity Adelaide network.

South Australian business EscapeNet, won the contract after an extensive tender and evaluation process which began in December 2016.

EscapeNet will deliver gigabit-speed internet services via the South Australian Broadband Research and Education Network (SABRENet) fibre optic network to key innovation precincts and co-working spaces across Adelaide’s metropolitan area, including Tonsley Innovation Precinct, TechInSA, Stretton Centre and St Paul’s Creative Centre.

Businesses that are tenants of those precincts will have access to gigabit-speed internet service plans ranging from $49.90 to $179.90 per month, providing access to affordable and less restrictive plans than what is currently available in the marketplace.

Businesses interested in connecting to the GigCity Adelaide network are encouraged to contact precinct managers to discuss eligibility, data requirements and pricing plans.

Science and Information Economy Minister Kyam Maher said he is pleased to see local internet provider, EscapeNet, secure the contract to deliver the State Government’s $7.6 million GigCity Adelaide network.

“This is an important milestone as we work towards connecting innovation precincts and co-working spaces to ultra-fast internet that is 100-times faster than the national average,” Minister Maher said.

“Key to this program are the affordable and flexible gigabit internet services on offer. For the first time, we will see businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs access ultra-fast internet that is cheaper and less restrictive than current available plans on the market, which only offer half the speed.

“The State Budget last week provided $2.9 million for GigCity’s expansion into additional precincts, including regional South Australia, as well as the development of a digital roadmap for the state.”

EscapeNet Managing Director Stavros Patiniotis said EscapeNet are excited to have been chosen to deliver the GigCity Adelaide network and provide a service that is far in excess of what is commonly available in the marketplace.

“With assistance from the State Government and SABRENet, our company has created what I think are flexible and affordable plans tailored to suit a variety of business – from small through to multi-national,” Mr Patiniotis said.

“We will back GigCity services with local support, add-on services and seamless integration with key cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to assist start-up ventures.

“A custom-built portal will also be launched to empower businesses to establish and manage their connections in real time.”

SABRENet Chief Executive Officer Ralph Leonard said SABRENet is proud to have been selected by the South Australian Government as its GigCity implementation partner.

“As a Gig City with high speed internet, Adelaide will be able to attract the businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups with ‘bandwidth hungry’ ideas, products and services that we need to transition to a modern and innovative economy.”

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