A and E at The Mill
A and E at The Mill

Startups, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes located at GigCity innovation precincts and co-working spaces can connect to fast internet speeds to move data at lightning speeds, develop leading-edge ideas, create new opportunities and access global markets.

Affordable access to ultra-fast internet will enable young entrepreneurs and cultural creatives to thrive. It will lower barriers to entry, disrupt old industries and create new market opportunities.

Future opportunities

There are many opportunities in South Australia for startups, entrepreneurs, students and businesses of all sizes to develop and market high-tech and gigabit applications – from image processing and simulation, to augmented reality applications, big data analytics and cloud computing, to name just a few.

In Adelaide, GigCity is available at selected innovation and co-working precincts, enabling access to diverse industry sectors such as biotech, artificial and virtual intelligence, advanced manufacturing and film-post production.

In Whyalla and Mount Gambier, GigCity will be available to all businesses located within 350 metres of several wireless base stations to be constructed in each city.

Cloud connectivity

Connect to GigCity’s cloud partners including AWS, Azure and Office 365 to boost your speed, latency, security and overall performance. Cloud connection will save you on operating costs and allow for better integration with your network.

Direct access to South Australian data centres

Connecting to data centres including YourDC, Intervolve and Adam will allow your business to specialise your hosting requirements. This means you can host your equipment in a secure and managed environment providing you with flexibility and options to take on future global industry with confidence.

Collaborate with other GigCity customers

Connect and collaborate with other businesses across innovation precincts and co-working spaces on the GigCity network.

Move data at lightning speeds

Bring your business to a GigCity location for world-class, ultra-fast and low-cost gigabit internet technology.

Offering broadband speeds from 1 gigabit and up to 10 gigabits per second, GigCity delivers ultra-fast internet that allows businesses to upload files to the cloud quicker and easier and stream high definition videos.

Create new user experiences online

Access to ultra-fast internet allows businesses to create new experiences using virtual reality, whether it is providing cutting-edge performances in virtual reality or enhancing wellbeing and quality of life for older people.

The virtual reality market is estimated to be worth US$120 billion by 2020 (Digi-Capital January 2016), providing an enormous opportunity for South Australia.

Video streaming

Video is one of the most bandwidth-intensive applications. With high-speed internet, video quality and time will significantly improve, enabling businesses to be more productive, drive new partnerships and international collaborations and expand into new markets.

The super-fast broadband will enable our students to connect and engage with national and international networks and promoters more efficiently during classroom time.
Lisa Bishop
Music SA

No set up charges and no contracts

Businesses can connect to GigCity with no set up charges and no lock in contracts.