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Lionsgate Business Park Precinct

The Lionsgate Business Park is a multi-purpose business precinct that offers flexible opportunities for business of all sizes. The precinct occupies the former manufacturing site for General Motors Holden (GMH) in Elizabeth and has a total land area of 122.7 hectares.

Lionsgate offers advanced distribution and logistical solutions for businesses wanting faster and more efficient transportation of goods and services. It will include the following:

  • A commercial office precinct, with modern and ergonomic officers
  • An automotive precinct
  • An engineering and construction precinct
  • A mixed-use retail precinct
  • A central park for the enjoyment of employees and visitors
  • A café and museum

With its variety of buildings, active streetscapes and laneways, greenery and open space, Lionsgate will be a community with its own distinct character.

With a central park and landscaped gardens surrounding the Redline Café and Museum, taking a coffee break or grabbing lunch will be a pleasant experience that will sow a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction among employees. A positive workforce entails a high level of productivity, and for Lionsgate productivity is part of the soil.

it is the very foundation upon which this complex was built. Lionsgate will be established and managed by Pelligra.


Paschal Somers
General Manager
0403 050 929
Email [email protected]