Joe Kochan, Chief Operating Officer, US Ignite

Having the speed of GigCity means we are not constrained by bandwidth required to do just about anything we need.


GigCity allows us to work on large files between the teams without hindrance.

Scott Boocock
HEGS Australia

GigCity is cost effective and has enabled us to change the way we do business.

Zachary Bailey
Healthy Technology

With GigCity, we can live stream our videos at high-speed in real time, showcasing the full capability of our camera for the global market.

Matthew Wilson
Novus Res
GigCity has been a powerful enabler for our company.
Shane Smith
Ethical Web Design

We will deliver material to our customers faster and more reliably with less bottlenecks, ultimately giving more customer confidence.

Justin Wight

For us to handle the challenges of international collaboration - fast, reliable internet is a must.

Rory McGregor

Being able to harness fast broadband speeds gives our company a massive advantage.

Adam Callen
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