Based in innovation district Lot Fourteen, local startup Apxium works to automate the accounts receivable, payments and financing workflows for professional services firms around the world.

Founder and Managing Director Jeremy Coombe explains Apxium’s technology as a unique combination of ‘SaaS+FinTech’ that offers the only accounts receivable automation software and payments solution that is fully data integrated with global practice management software used by mid-to-large accounting firms.

Apxium was part of the first cohort to take up residency at Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen’s startup hub. Upon moving into the hub, they were able to sign up to ultra-fast internet service thanks to the district’s GigCity connection.

“One of the deciding factors to relocate to Stone & Chalk was access to amazing perks such as GigCity,” Jeremy Coombe said.

“Being a global FinTech that promotes efficiency via our automation software services and global payments solutions to our clients, it’s very much part of our DNA to seek out the most scalable technologies and enable efficiencies within our own business.

“This includes fast, reliable internet on a 24/7/365 basis.

“This access and reliability was imperative during our overseas expansion to US, Canada and UK, which happened to occur right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Consequently, all our travel plans were put on hold, meaning a lot of video conferences and remote product demos.”

Apxium services some of the largest accounting firms in the world, which expect a high level of service excellence that can only be delivered with world-class internet connectivity. Apxium’s proprietary technology is also built in-house, so GigCity connection is just as important for their team as it is for their clients.

In fact, when flexible working conditions were introduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apxium discovered most staff would prefer to come into the office due to the speed and reliability of the office’s internet service. In the long-term, this has been a major benefit, fostering a highly engaged team environment of culture and collaboration.

It makes a massive difference in terms of workplace engagement when you’re able to provide your team with world-class facilities to make their jobs easier."

“Fast and reliable internet is such a significant contributor to this, and we’re thankful to be a part of it.”

Apxium’s future is looking very bright and exciting as it continues to grow globally.

This growth has driven the need to hire more local talent, along with building out a team in North America and the UK.

“Given this growth, we’re more reliant than ever on generating efficiencies within our business, and the GigCity value proposition is a key part of this,” Jeremy said.