Headquartered in Whyalla, Des’s Group of Companies provides taxi and other transport services to seven regional centres across South Australia.

The business first connected to GigCity’s high-speed internet service in 2019, with a goal to improve internet reliability and enhance day-to-day operations.

With GigCity connection – and thanks to delivery partner MIMP – Des’s Group has achieved higher quality service, minimal downtime, and quick access to help when needed.

Being able to pick up the phone and quickly speak to a knowledgeable engineer if you have a problem is really beneficial to our IT team"
Kay Forbes, Call Centre and IT Manager

“Our staff love that they are not having to deal with outages anymore. These have been very stressful for staff and customers in the past.”

For Des’s Group, key benefits of GigCity connection have been:

  • Excellent phone call quality thanks to high upload speeds.
  • Minimal waiting time for loading and reduced network traffic (compared to previous services).
  • A seamless transition to cloud-based software, with the confidence that network interruptions will not hinder operations.

“Des’s Group’s business operations have been considerably improved,” Ms Forbes said.

“The high-speed, reliable internet is provided by people who understand business and business needs. Excellent fast service and support that matches their service speed!”

Looking ahead, Des’s Group plans to upgrade their internal network by implementing a new router with Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities. They also aim to add Wireless Access Points to ensure their tablets used as Mobile Data Terminals in taxis can access the high-speed internet for updates.

The stable and high-speed internet provided by GigCity will facilitate more cloud-based operations and accommodate future expansion.