Future Earth
Future Earth

Based at Tonsley Innovation Precinct, the company focuses on designing information systems for the future, helping business, industry and government sectors navigate and capture the opportunities of the digital era.

Future Earth Systems founder Chris Sampson, who has notched up 30-plus years working in information systems and technology, says he chose Tonsley to base his business because it is the centre of advanced manufacturing and collaboration in South Australia and it offers high-speed internet.

Tonsley’s high speed internet is transforming the way the company works.

“Since connecting to GigCity, I’ve seen an improvement to my business in several ways.” Chris says.

“One, it’s attracted more participation, people are curious, they want to see that high-speed internet in action.

“Secondly, by default, we are starting to use cloud computing and cloud based services in all of the system models we are looking at.

I think that by combining all those ingredients, we’ve got a fantastic future for all businesses here in South Australia.
Chris Sampson from Future Earth Systems

“The current GigCity connection is 100 times, at least, faster than what I’ve been used to and upload speed, which is actually quite critical for the work do, is something like 500 times faster.

“It’s been incredibly reliable, its incredibly affordable, it’s a fantastic initiative.”

“Locating your business in a GigCity precinct like Tonsley is a great idea because affordable high speed internet access is underpinning innovation across all sectors.

Chris says the biggest benefits of running a business here in South Australia is the combination of a great standard of living and a wealth of inventiveness and engineering talent.

“We can see that with the emerging space industry and with great companies here that are looking at the future of energy and there is so much research talent in the universities here.” Chris says.