Life FM is a community radio station located in Hendon and based in Sunjive Studios Adelaide, which aspires to bring hope, joy and purpose to South Australian listeners. The station aims to increase its reach across Adelaide, engaging with the community in a way that builds people up, provides positive change and influences lives for the better.

Working in broadcast media, members at Life FM need to regularly download large files, upload audio and work digitally, all of which requires a fast and reliable internet connection. In October 2022, Life FM connected to GigCity and discovered its productivity benefits, with the team considering the high-speed connection second to none.

Digital Marketing Manager, Lorrene McClymont says, “the increase in speed has made a huge difference”.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the impact of the Gig City connection on uploading and downloading large audio files, which has significantly improved productivity.

“The upgrade in speed actually caught one of our staff members by surprise.

“Our Content Director, who is responsible for putting together a number of our shows, actually thought his audio file was broken the first time he used the GigCity connection.

“He checked it to see if something had gone wrong and then realised it was just uploaded faster thanks to GigCity’s impressive speed.”

The connection to GigCity has solved problems we didn’t even know we had. We have been so impressed with the increased productivity, speed and cost effectiveness since using GigCity. It has been a game changer across many areas of our business.”
Digital Marketing Manager, Lorrene McClymont, LifeFM

Day-to-day tasks have become quicker and easier at LifeFM since connecting to GigCity. Previously there was a significant time lag when publishing articles to their website and when posting to social media from the website or uploading community events, meaning these tasks had to be undertaken in batches. Now these tasks can be executed simultaneously, immediately and seamlessly.

Lorrene has noticed “a significant improvement in the speed of uploading and downloading files, which has meant less time is spent waiting for these processes to finish”.

Given so much of her job is digitally focused, this is a substantial improvement and has a huge impact on time and productivity. As a community radio station, Life FM is community funded and receives no government funding, so cost effectiveness is also extremely important and a benefit of the GigCity connection.

GigCity adds value by providing a more reliable connection to Life FM’s interstate teams, who are part of a wider community of organisations from around the country.

“Being able to connect with our colleagues via Zoom without worrying about connection speed or sound issues due to connection problems has been excellent.

“Knowing that we have more scope for video and audio large file projects online opens up new ways to tie in our on-air broadcasting with our digital platforms.”

Life FM’s on-air excellence and high standards are now supported off-air through their GigCity connection.