A photo studio with camera equipment inside of a warehouse.

Morgan Sette is a freelance photographer and videographer working across freelance, news and travel content. In addition to her visual work, Morgan also runs and rents out the Upstairs Studio at The Mill. Upstairs is a warehouse studio with desk spaces available for other photographers and creative industry professionals to rent out.

As The Mill is an innovation precinct with a GigCity fast internet connection, Morgan has had the benefit of a high-speed internet service since she started there. She says, “Ultra-fast internet is a major drawcard for people hoping to rent desks. Also, for my own work, I need a consistent and fast connection to be able to reliably send photos and videos to clients”.

Morgan uploads gigabytes worth of storage every day, which occurs at such lightning speed she barely notices it happening.

The speed and reliability of GigCity means that as soon as I export out of [Adobe] Lightroom, I can email my client straight away with a Dropbox link, thereby fast tracking my entire process."

During the pandemic, internet speed became even more important in all areas of Morgan’s business and across the creative sector in general. Having the GigCity connection enabled her to continue working and as she says, “there was essentially no impact on my day-to-day activities, which was a massive point of difference to other industry professionals in the field”.

“The fact that I can achieve super-fast turnaround is a competitive edge.”

As with many creative professionals and businesses, work ebbs and flows depending on demand. Occasionally Morgan finds she doesn’t have the capacity for a project and therefore reaches out to her freelance network to share the load. Recently, she needed a music video edited, so hired a freelance editor in Melbourne. This required uploading 600 gigabytes of RAW footage, which she was able to do within two hours. She says, “It was super quick and would have been unachievable on other connections.”

Morgan is extremely happy with the benefits and reliability the GigCity fast internet affords her business and can confidently look to the future to plan even more efficiencies. “I would like to move all my storage to the cloud. To be able to live edit something via the cloud without having to download it first would be unreal”.