RHS is an Adelaide company embracing a new gigabit future as connection to high-speed internet takes their upload and download file times from days to minutes.

RHS develops advanced patented single cell genomic technologies and focuses on improving health and research outcomes across IVF, cancer, forensics and ancient DNA. Based at the TechInSA Incubator in the heart of the Thebarton biotechnology precinct, the company currently employs 12 people.

CEO and Managing Director Michelle Fraser says that RHS makes kits and offers services for testing single cells and the genetics of those single cells.

“We have kits that will turn one cell of DNA into 200,000 cells of DNA, which is really important because the tests that you use downstream need lots of DNA as a starting material,” Michelle says.

“One of the activities we’re involved with is using next generation sequencing, which is a way to work out the genetic code of DNA.

“We do that offsite, then we need to download all of those data files to RHS for analysis. Each of those data files is two to three gigabytes in size, so with a six megabytes per minute download speed you can imagine how long that was taking. And sometimes the system would crash, so we’d need to start again.”

Connecting to GigCity is giving companies a real competitive advantage.
Michelle Fraser
CEO and Managing Director, RHS

RHS connected to the GigCity Adelaide network in August last year when it was first introduced, and it has made a huge difference to the way the company operates.

“With the gig per second connection, it’s a lot faster. We’re down to maybe half an hour to download those files as opposed to days.”

RHS also uses GigCity for its video teleconferencing and online courses, which it delivers on a global scale. As its competitors are significantly larger overseas businesses, GigCity has been an important addition to help RHS to maintain its professional image and complement its branding of being high tech and globally competitive.